If anyone wishes to list UFO and/or conspiracy groups in the Adelaide and/or South Australia region, please add as comment to this page and we will add to links.


4 Responses to “UFO Groups Adelaide South Australia”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Loud rumblings over Adelaide sky February 22nd 2014!
    Clear night no wind or aircraft visible as it was 2330.

  2. Steven Q Says:

    I’m the Organizer for “The Adelaide Hills X Group” and we meet to discuss UFOs and related topics in a casual manner and welcome anyone to join our group. If you could let us know of any Adelaide events that relate to our many topics or a website/newsletter that brings to our attention such events we’d be really appreciative. Thanks.

    UFOSA Note:

    This group excludes anyone under 18 years of age, perhaps because it meets in places that serve the drug alcohol. In no way do we approve of the “dumbing down” of groups through use of drugs such as alcohol. Its website was “meetup” something but the reference has been deleted from this comment.

    • Anonymous Says:

      A very organised group actually, also I’d say one of the most active ones that I know in the Adelaide region. It’s Meetups are held in the Adelaide Hills, which is a bit of a drive, but the members are generally well educated on topics of the paranormal, UFOs and similar topics so it’s well worth the monthly trip to their Meetups.


  3. Ramesh Says:

    hi,i am really interested in these topics.would u please provide me a information if any kind of event is going to held?

    UFOSA Note: Yes, we will keep your email (confidential) for notification about events.

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