Mass Deception Document Received

Tuesday 10 September 2013

UFOSA received the following document

It was in word processor format and has a “File Properties” CREATED date of

Saturday, 24 August 2013, 9:58:13 AM

Here are the photocopy scan of the paper postal package it arrived in
and the KOOLSTIX USB device (8GB Thanks!) that contained the file(s).

Postal Pack Front USB FrontThe main file was converted to PDF format.

It can be read and viewed here:


Unfortunately it contains human / humanoid content, such as the fake images of “alien” hominids, and is therefore inapplicable to UNHUMAN Flying Objects South Australia.

Thanks again to whoever sent the package since we will put the USB memory device to good purpose.



2 Responses to “Mass Deception Document Received”

  1. sbjkd Says:

    Do you know what “hominid” means? This term seems at odds with what you have attempted to communicate. I am an anthropologist and would be happy to check your notices before you post them. Cheers, S

    UFOSA Note:

    Yes, we meant HOMINID

  2. One Who Knows Says:

    Absolute, hideously obvious, absurdly silly bullshit.

    As Wolfgang Pauli once said, it’s “not even wrong,” it’s so wrong.

    Disinformation cut and paste job for ignorant amateurs.

    Why even make such a document available?

    Hope you checked the USB data stick for malware.

    Complete horseshit.

    UFOSA Note:

    Thanks Anon(ymous) for this perspective and emotional rebuttal.
    We always suspect these documents possibly have their origins in a $ human $ military $ strategy $ which tries to convince a gullible and naive public that UFO’s can be dealt with as Beings with human technology or human appearance, perhaps conforming to some human value system(s) which is obviously not the case with extremely advanced UFO Intelligences, who can out-maneuvre any human military.

    Why make it available ? BECAUSE it shows the type of deception and glorification of deception we are dealing with.

    Yes, we checked USB stick for malware but not for on-line wireless or usb-connect-to-internet tapping.

    Complete horseshit would be welcome for making compost provided it is not saturated with anti-worm poison or carcinogenic nuclear particles.

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