UFOSA is a public organisation centred in Adelaide, South Australia that presents and discusses information about

UFO’s (Unhuman Flying Objects)


UFOSA conducts public meetings in the Adelaide South Australia CBD (Central Business District) and offers a UFO report telephone number (08 8269 3217) and UFO counseling service especially for the Adelaide area.

Our paper mail contact address is

GPO Box 9

and the email address is


Any replies to paper mail will be given most quickly to those who supply self-addressed stamped envelopes.

Telephone Answering Machine Number:


(08) 8269 3217


(61) 8 8269 3217

Just leave your NON-MOBILE (08-XXXX-XXXX) telephone number or other contact details, such as email address.

Telephone service is limited but we will contact reporters with credible UFO info.

Use the email address UFO_SA@hotmail.com for best results.


UFOSA coincides with other organisations such as

Australian UFO Research Network

Australian International UFO Flying Saucer Research

Alternative Science and Technology Research Organisation SA


Australian UFO Research Association

Some of us have up to 50 years experience in the UFO field and are related to the UFO organisations mentioned above.


Contact details other personal information given to UFOSA are considered and treated as strictly confidential when submitted by phone, in person or by email.

However most other information at UFOSA meetings is in the public domain.

UFOSA reports may be publicly cited.

NO contact details, names or private information will be given to others to protect your identity.

Reports may be edited to ensure your privacy, such as removal of specific information that would reveal your identity or the identity of others.


7 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. donna Says:

    is there a way we can post pictures on your site?

    UFOSA Reply : Send pictures for posting to ufo_sa@hotmail.com

  2. Nolleyspisy Says:

    Solid website: I will visit once more.

  3. FuthRoro Says:

    По моему у Вас украли эту статью и поместили на другом сайте. Я её уже видела.

    Translation from Russian:

    “I think you stole this article and placed it on another website. I already saw it.”

    UFOSA Response:

    We did not steal this article.
    UFOSA receives plenty comments from Russia with a “ru” domain. They could be related to UFO attempts to limit Russian nuclear programs, atomic bombs etc. Example : in the late 1980’s we heard that a UFO prevented a Russian underground nuclear test by removing all electricity from the detonation site (probably in the Negev Desert).

  4. andy and tina Says:

    i was walking my dog with my son at night approx 10.30 pm at our local park at paralowie when we saw 4lights in a row at first we thougt it was just the planes from parafield doing circuits the lights were some distance away and about 40 degrees to the horizon i told my son check out the lights and joking said oh no a ufo at this stage the 4 lights were horizontal and my son joked and said yer right after watching for a minute or so the lights went from horizontal to vertical and remaind stationary in the sky they then went off one by one and dissapeared my son and i looked at each other with disbelief we both swore and went home i told my wife who thought we were joking .I cant explain what we saw we walk every night and see planes every night some from parafield and some from the RAAF base this wasnt either of these .

  5. Dave... Says:

    UFO = Unidentified Flying Object, Unhuman Flying Objects would include birds and flies. Not to mention the fact that Ufo’s are just as likely to be man made as extraterrestrial.
    50Yrs in the UFO field eh? Take me to your dealer.

    UFOSA Note:

    UFO’s as a UFOSA subject are UNHUMAN Flying Objects.
    Some of the UFO’s we have witnessed or taken testimony about, are far beyond the human in capability and technology.
    If You come to UFOSA meetings and discuss Butterflies, Birds or Bats : its fine by us. Just no British Airways Qantas Hubble Bubble Shuttle please…

  6. tom Says:

    Frst up i am not interested in u.f.os but would like to tell what happend on the 19sep aprox 10:15 pm I was in the back-yard and looked to the south I saw what i thought to be a plane but it was strange because of the configuration of the lights they did not conform to an air-craft shape it did move in a normal way but a little slower than normal this is not what botherd me but the fact that it flew overhead and made no noise whatsoever so strange was this that i called my wife to confirm this fact we watched it till it vanished.I was in the RAAF for 20years but have never seen the likes. I live at Muno-Parra so we are not far from the RAAF base ???

  7. Mike... Says:

    Yes I do believe in UFOs as there are just too many books and witnesses over the last 90 years or so. As I have read at least 45 books on the great subject. Good luck and cheers Mike in Sunny Toonto Canada

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