Synonyms are words that resemble, or support other words. Synonyms are used as replacements or partners for similar words.

Antonyms are opposites : a word or words opposed to another word or words.

Antonyms are like Antidotes that counteract or prevent a poison from having harmful effects.

Examples :

An antonym to No could be Yes.
An antonym to Hot could be Cold.
An antonym to Down could be Up.

Antonyms are important in the field of ideas or recognition because they are position markers.

Antonyms reveal just where we are at in the contest of one idea versus another idea, one direction versus another direction.

In the area of UFO appreciation and study, there are some regions where UFO’s and associated UFO Beings, no longer exist in societal recognition, after being completely ridiculed or vaporised by human invectitude. This does not mean that the UFO’s and UFO Beings are non existent. It just means they are out of the human picture or world view.

So to help UFO’s reappear we use antonyms as antidotes to coverup.

Here is a set of words, all starting with the letter ‘A’ for Antonym or Antidote, that are positive UFO Words, and their opposites, negative UFO Words, that have been chosen to start with the letter ‘D’ for Delete or Death, etc.

Negative UFO Words

Positive UFO Words (Antonyms)




Admission, Affirmation, Acknowledgement












Alignment, Alliance



We will use this list to show how positive or negative UFO involvement and interaction can be in the field of recognition.

We can mention various groups and techniques that have been observed in Adelaide over the past several decades that either go forward with Positive emphasis towards credible admission to the existence of UFO’s, or backward into the Negative, towards making UFO’s just another cover-up in a heavily censored society.


3 Responses to “UFO Antonyms (UFO Opposites)”

  1. PuctitySeetty Says:

    Waow enjoyed reading this blogpost. I added your rss to my reader!

  2. Jack Dearth Says:

    The work you do is good and noble but the ignorant will always put you down. Keep printing the truth. I survived contact with beings from another planet and know the signs of those who masquerade as human but are really here to observe. Like Mr Crab Claws I too know the pain of the crab curse. Please put me in contact with him if you can.

    UFOSA Note: Mr. Crab Claws or Lobster Loonie, please contact Jack Dearth by email at ebolavirus6@yahoo.com

  3. Fox Says:

    Woah…. you people are freaking crazy. You make Mulder look as wise as ghandi. Are you 12 years old or something?

    UFOSA Note: Thinking about UFO’s makes some humans nervous. Thinking about anything makes some humans nervous.
    “Oh no… they’re thinking again… oh no…”

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