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42 Responses to “UFOSA Report Form”

  1. Stuart Says:

    Did any one else see the uber bright sattelite looking thingy that travelled from about north west to south east across Adelaide last night just before 6. It moved like a sattelite but it was several times brighter than any I’ve seen before. I mean the sky still had a tinge of light left in it and only the moon and a few of the brightest stars were visible. This thing was heaps brighter than the brightest stars we saw. Maybe an asteroid??

  2. Gary Says:

    Hi all
    We went outside to watch the full moon last night and my fiancé said she could see a plane but when three of us looked it moved at high speed side to side at quite a lot of distance and then straight up like an arrow and hovered above the clouds for 10 minutes flashing red and green all of a sudden it went straight to the ground. I’ve never seen anything like this before !! Any idea what it could be ?

  3. Sarah Says:

    Three people just saw a UFO flying over Morphett Vale direction South to North. Time 9.20 pm Sunday night. Moon is half full. Sky cover is full visibility with bright stars and no cloud cover. Warm and still night. Object extremely bright orange (either an orb or light on front of craft. The light disappeared eventually with a white light travelling in front of it. Way too large to be a chinese lantern. Hard to gauge the distance and speed of travel but below the moon. Came into close distance with the earth, lower than an aeroplane would. Speed hard to judge but way faster than a satellite. Seemed to swoop down towards the ground then upwards again. Seemed to hover for a moment.

    Dear Sarah,

    Thanks very much for your UFO report / comment

    People like You help us to fill in the blank spots of the UFO mystery and/or News media coverup on UFO’s.

    Due to concerns for private and public safety, your email address will not be included in your fine comment / report.

    (Our phone line has a nasty habit of getting “mystery calls” where a caller will phone in and be absolutely silent or perhaps deceptive, posing as a possible telemarketer who ends up being phoney. Also, many people who phone our telephone number end up getting “mystery calls” themselves, as if a large computerised spy system (NSA?) is deliberately tracing every phone call, and attaching nuisance calls to those who contact us. This has long been a “normal” occurence to many people throughout all sectors of society, but especially any who oppose the “status quo” or mass media version of Reality.)

    UFOSA (08 8269 3217)

  4. nick Says:

    Saw a bright blue light moving around to the right of the moon at 9:50 to 10:00pm. Would move fast up and down, left and right, and seemed to keep turning anti clockwise. Saw it in the east sky of Adelaide 18/11/13

    • Liz Says:

      I also saw the same bright blue light in Adelaide on 18 November 2013 at 9.45pm in the east. It seemed to zig zag from left to right and back again.

  5. Dom Says:

    Last night (13/11/13) at around 11pm me and several mates noticed a bright flashing light in the sky. It wasn’t just flashing a normal bright colour – it was changing colours. Green, Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow etc. It was hovering around and moving around within a small radius.
    We eventually had a group phone call going with several of the guys, all in different suburbs in southern adelaide, from Daw Park, Cumberland Park, Ascot Park, St Marrys, and Cross Road/South Road intersection. We all faced west, towards Glenelg and we could all see it.
    Just checking up to see whether anyone else noticed it. It was very hard to miss. It was the brightest thing in the sky.

  6. jason Says:

    i just saw a bright white light in the sky in low orbit(satelite), over the adelaide sky at a constant velocity which just got dimmer and dissapered. looked like change in direction to higher altitude. it seemed to dissapear as a plane was passing underneath (alot lower). this happened 24/9/13 at aprox. 7.52pm. coincidence that the regualr 8pm tuesday night jumbo was the next plane to pass in the sky?

  7. Tracey Says:

    Hi – on Tue (12 Mar 2013) night at about 11.15pm in the Klemzig area, I went outside to get my cat inside for the night and was enjoying the cool air that had finally arrived after days and nights of heat and was looking at the sky when I saw 2 rather large white lights in the clouds – they looked like they were in the clouds above me and they moved about quite quickly left right up down through the clouds keeping close to each other in the area above my head for about five minutes then faded away – there were no sounds – definitely didn’t look like helicopters or planes and I didn’t see any beams of light coming up from the ground as if from spotlights or the like – it was very intriguing and was wondering if anyone else saw them – thankyou x

  8. N & K Says:

    Whilst my partner and I were lying in bed and had just turned the lights off in preparation to sleep, the bedroom curtains and windows were open due to it being rather warm inside the house. Our bedroom window faces roughly north and the time was roughly 12:20am.

    This incident occurred last evening. Anyway, moving on to what we saw.

    I was looking out the window while talking to my partner and saw one orange light in the sky rise up into my line of sight. At this point I remarked to my partner “Wow this is strange an orange light in the sky”. My partner immediately came over to my side of the bed and looked out of the window as another orange light came from below and to the right of the original orange light; as if trying to catch up to it.

    At this point, my partner and I got out of bed and went outside to watch the lights in better clarity. Once outside we witnessed the two lights play an almost game of “catch” with each other for roughly 5 minutes. By this I mean the distance between them would decrease, increase, the angle between them would change etc.

    After this, the second of the two lights, the one that had always seemed to be trailing the other began to pulse. Sometimes completely on, then completely off; sometimes just dimming and the period between pulses were completely random. After about 5-10 pulses this light disappeared completely.

    The original orange light continued to remain in the sky moving to the left and right – sometimes at rather remarkable speeds – (we could judge the movement due to the fact that the distance between this orange light and the stars around it would dramatically decrease or increase in rather short periods of time) after another 10 minutes of this; this light too began to pulsate. It continued to pulsate, same as the other light, sometimes completely on and off sometimes just dimming for quite some time. This light continued in this fashion but every time seemingly becoming dimmer and dimmer until it was not visibly possible to tell the difference between this light and other extremely dim stars around it.

    On this night there was extremely light cloud cover, but mostly i.e. 95% clear. Other stars in the sky were completely visible and there was a clear difference between them and the orange lights.

    These lights were extremely bright when at full colour.

    We are in the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide, near Edinburgh Air Base and the notorious DSTO. Not saying these are to blame, but they are worth noting at the least.

    UFOSA Note : Thanks N & K. Surname and email removed to protect reporters and others.

  9. Amber Says:

    yesterday night, there were 4 weird lights in the sky in morphett vale, they looked like they were dancing almost, i got a video of it, and you can see where the light source is coming from in the sky. It’s so weird.

  10. Believer Says:

    Hanging out washing on an late november afternoon 2011 around 2pm. In a clear blue sky i saw large orange oval shape as i looked east over Onkaparinga Hills from Hackham. I would guess it was two to three kilometres up and a fair distance away but even then looked quiet large. I watched it for a few mintues then it disappeared.

    UFOSA Note : Thanks Believer, however UFOSA had to remove your confidential information, such as email address, due to privacy concerns.

  11. Garry Says:

    Hi I’m Garry
    I am not a domesday fan…
    …Please look at the stars and turn off that tv :) Garry

  12. V Says:

    11/05/2012, Mt Barker SA.
    Glancing up from my laptop at around 8-8.30pm(I didn’t check the time….very stupid), I saw a white something flash across the sky. It was round, glowing with a little tail of light……it seemed to be almost the size of a full moon from where I sat. It went fast so that could account for the rounder shape and “tail” of light. It was larger than the planes that travel overhead and much lower in the sky than the planes. It also did not travel anywhere near the same path as any of the planes do. There was no sound apparent, but then the tv was on at the other end of the house. I have seen satellite debris flame through the sky and it wasn’t like that at all. It was very quick as my roof blocked out where it went. I went outside the house but couldn’t detect anything at all…..just a clear starry sky with the moon not yet out.
    I live at the edge of a small housing estate surrounded by farm lands. The object was flying south eastish toward and I guess over the farming areas.

    Anything else seen in this area at the same time?
    Cheers, V

  13. Georgee Says:

    9.58 14.11.11 Crafers Adelaide Hills

    There are four lights which look like they are bouncing. Thay are triangular in shape when seen through binoculars. Two of them are whitish while the other two are flashing colours, red and blue and yellow and greeny orange. As far as I can tell direction wise they are in the North east and north west part of the sky. They are not satellites helicopters or planes. We have been watching them for almost 30mins. There is no noise.
    This is the second weird thing in the past six weeks. The first being a fuzzy ball of peach light moving up and over our street then back again. Not very big maybe medium dog size. Finally after about 15minutes it went shooting out of sight ( behind tree line ).

  14. higherknowledgeseeker Says:

    At 10.20am on Wed the 9th of Nov 2011, on Port Wakefield road heading towards the city, near the salt lakes/wetlands, my best friend and I had just set out on a drive to take myself to an appointment on the otherside of Adelaide. The road curved slightly and brough us onto the dead straight part of Port Wakefield road, when my best friend and I INSTANTLY noticed an extremely bright, reflective like object on the horizon around the tree tops (christmas shaped/like trees)! Immediately and without any doubt in either of our minds (both being through and through UFO/ET believers, myself having researched and been exposed to it my life) ruled out that it was any type or plane/aircraft reflecting the sun, due to it shape, size, brightness, location and at first what seemed like to be stationary!
    The more we drove towards it (even though it would have been at least 3-5k away, over the Adelaide hills/CBD direction) we noticed it was also moving/hovvering very slowly to our left! The change in the “reflection” or ligh sorce was making it also obvious that it itself was moving, as we were also driving in a forward straight direction!
    We both ruled out a number of things it would possibly be just due to its location and shape and the biggest fact of all, in my best friends 29 years of living in this general location/area and driving a countless amount of times down this section of highway in nearly all times of the day and night, and myself also for many years, had NEVER EVER seen even something vagely resembling or comparing to this, leaving us both heart body mind and soul agreeing that is was a UFO of some kind!
    As we drove further along the road, reaching our slight right hand turn off, stopping at the lights (turn off of Port Wakefield onto Sailsbury Highway) as i ducked down to look through the car stopped infront of us’ windscreen to watch part of it slowly go behind the very tip of a tree top, i got the feeling/thought come over me as i watched the colours of it have a slight blue tinge (even tho it was extremely bright, like a reflection, which is the best word i can use to discribe it, even though there is NOTHING in that area/location/height that would reflect sunlight, plus it was in the east-south easterly direction, and the sun was not fully centre sky but still slightly westerly), that what i was looking at was light being PROJECTED outwards, not reflecting, but it gave such a luminous, bright, sharp, glare like a reflection which as ive said many times now, it just could NOT have possibly been!
    We turned off onto Sailsbury Highway and lost sight of it due to the tree line right beside us, close by buildings/factories and small sand/land mounds/hills.
    I continued nearly all he way to my appointment at Marion, on the other side of Adelaide(city) from where our trip started, looking and searching and almost jumping around in the car to get every possible direction covered to find out where it had gone/which direction it may have still been in….but without any luck :(
    We both still remain adimate in our belief of what it was, if only souly for the fact that nothing even minutely close has been seen where this UFO/object was witnessed.
    Even after explaining the story to my Mother, a 30year + UFO/ET/Truth researcher, and former UFO Research Network member who recieved and documented phoned in sightings for many years, also a current member of many UFO groups – AURA, AUFORN etc, could not give me any other explaination or answer, she was also suprised/shocked/excited and amazed!
    There have been many recent UFO sightings and acitivly in South Aust, or people are finally starting to speak up again at least! Also we have just experienced a heavy 5 day HAARP wave period, leaving the usual suspect clouds and skies and bringing in the random weather change!
    Weither or not all of this is somehow connected, i do not know, but what i do know is the closer we approch some very signifigant and import times for us humanbeings (especially our higher/inner/astral selvs) the more n more strange events keep happening!

    UFOSA Note:
    Thanks for interesting report.
    We completely discount any mention of HAARP (the supposed human program that attempts to modify weather) since it is about as impossible as human reverse-engineering of UFO’s (which are manifested by Beings completely outside, above and beyond the human scale of evolution, creation or military deviationism).

    • higherknowledgeseeker Says:

      I would also like to comment/note, that i posted my sighting report up on MUFON, which i then noticed within 24hours my report was all over the internet on 4-5 totally different sites, one of which was UFO Stalker, which if anyone is aware of it knows what the site is and how it shows/landmarks sightings all over the world on a world map (simular to google maps/nearmap)

      48 Hours later, my report disappeared from UFO Stalker and nearly all of the other sites except for THIS website and MUFONS main website!

      I read also about some foul play happening to do with MUFON and UFO stalker which are apparently linked…so HMMMMM, it really leaves me wondering what i saw, as NO ONE else has spoken up n said they saw it too, yet it was after 10am on a weekday on a fairly busy/populated highway and area!

      Maybe mine and my best friends thought was right…

      We saw something we were NOT meant to see!

      UFOSA Note: It has been recorded that most “official” UFO, atmospheric and aerial reconaissance organisations such as NICAP (National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena) and NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) were/are fully stacked with spy agency operations and operators who can easily operate outside national borders.

      UFOSA and other groups, such as anti-war anti-nuclear organisations, are often under direct deliberate monitoring and surveillance.

  15. Pete Says:

    twenty12@live.com.au If any one out there would like to look at the photos i have of ufo send me a e.mail an i send them to you and you may be able to let me know what you think.cheers

  16. Pete Says:

    hi could u let me know by e.mail about the photo i sent u an if u may know what it may be thanks.and could i get u to put an @ like this one in my e.mail as you have got the letters at not @. on your page you put up my message. on the bottom lin my e. is twenty12@live.com.au.and thank for putting my message up on your site.all the very best to u all.Pete

  17. Pete Says:

    semaphore beach adelaide 9.30pm 28.8.2007 took photos of the moon six times as scattered clouds were passing threw the moon was almost a full moon the photos were then down loaded on my computor.i thort i take a look at some of the photos i took in the pass an i enlarged the photo of the moon as i soomed in it wasent like the other photos that had been taken of the moon you really need to see my photo yourself as its to hard for me to exsplain i have never seen anything like it before please send me e.mail letting me know how i can send or get photos to you thank you.
    Pete twenty12(at)live.com.au

  18. Freaked Says:

    I live in Morphett Vale and have seen yet another sighting the other night. My mum and I were woken by telephone at 1.30 am Saturday night 5/6/10(or early 6/6/10). We had to get to the hospital straight away as my Nanna had just been urgently admitted. Before we got into the car we both happened to look up and there were two bright white lights just sitting in the air right next to each other. At first I just thought that it was a big star or a plane but no planes are out that time of night in Adelaide usually and it was definitely not moving. It wasn’t a star as there were two lights rather than one. It was hovering just left to the moon looking East. There was a star to the right of the moon that night too. Did anyone else see it or was it reported?

  19. Thenon Says:

    Dear citizens of the hamlet of Adelaide it is Thenon addressing you from my spaceship hovering above the Revolving Restaurant at Glenelg.I want to let you know that the recent sightings in the southern suburbs has been part of the flotilla of alien warships training to prepare for the imminent obliterate of you earthlings.We of the greater cosmos can not idly stand by whilst your miserable species destroys the Earth which we created.Not your mythical “God” but us.And so witness the BP oilspill in the USA, global warming and the extinction of the Dodo.These deeds will soon be punished you vile insignificant bipeds.Thenon.

  20. Arthur Blarney Says:

    Yesterday evening at about 11 am as I was driving down South Road Morphett Vale my car was buzzed by a green orb like flying device.On the side of it I could read in white lettering INTERGALACTIC HIGHWAY PATROL MARS BASE.

    • Freaked Says:

      Yes you are very entertaining and funny. I do laugh when I read posts like this one but please… people like you that make jokes of these things keep everyone else in the dark and stop the truth from being treated seriously. Maybe you should try another web site to make fun of or in the mean time you may actually see the proof for yourself soon then you can report a true story of your own.

  21. Ernie Dibb Says:

    At 3 30 pm march 23 sitting on my back veranda looking east over darling ranges near perth west australia way out in space i seen a brilliant flash of yellow light.it seemed to shock me inside my head
    i wonder if this is the entrance to worm hole i read about
    Ernie D

  22. Sandra Says:

    appearance:bright star more bright than Venus
    date and time:just after dusk on Thursday 18 February 2010
    location:Penola SA
    weather or any other conditions at time of sighting:Clear fresh
    unusual effects associated with the UFO:object brighter than stars and within 1-2-3 seconds lofted upwards into space until unseen.

  23. Zardoz Says:

    Last night at about 11 pm I was awoken in my Springfield house by a loud buzzing sound. The room was lit by an eerie blue haze and when I looked out the window I could see a hovering silver orb about the size of a people mover and through a window in the orb I saw what looked like a green part reptile Harold Holt at the controls. Then another being with a large distorted head looking uncannily like Don Dunstan levitated to the window and he telepathically communicated with me which I knew meant “you are coming for a ride with me and Harold. Get up now I command thee”. The next thing I remember I woke up sitting on a bench outside the Blue and White cafe on O’connel Street in North Adelaide at about 6 pm tonight. I am certain this was not a dream……

  24. waverdr Says:

    I saw something strange 4 nights ago, 21/12/09 approx 10pm in Adelaide Brighton. Looked like a very bright plane coming from the sea towards the adelaide hills in a southerly direction. Was moving quite fast with no sound, faster than a plane. It suddenly stopped changed direction and then shot of at amazing speed towards the hills. It was blindingly fast and as it sped of it sort of faded out to nothing. My wife came outside to get me about 15 minutes later as she was wondering what i was doing. I was still staring at the sky hoping to see it again and trying to explain it away to myself yet i cannot explain it.

  25. Scott Says:

    Sunday December 20 2009 in Moana SA. At 10pm on clear still night (No clouds & quarter moon)I noticed what I thought was a satellite .. After observing for a few seconds noticed that it was actually a very bright light in peripheral vision that was actually moving. This thing looked like a jet’s landing light in brightness and intensity – I called to my wife & son to come check it out. We all concurred that it was no aircraft as complete lack of navigation strobes … the light moved from the south towards due North at the speed one would expect of a satellite. We watched for a minute or two and then oddly the light dimmed from extremely bright to nothing before it reached anywhere near the horizon.During the 30 or 40 minutes we were watching the skies, we noted and tracked 3 satellites fully across the sky to horizon.
    We hope someone else saw this too and can corroborate.

  26. Phil Holtz Says:

    About 7:30am in 1998 i was driving to work on Pt Wakefield Highway in a southerly direction near Globe Derby Trotting Track on the other side of the road headed north was a huge flying saucer shaped object on the back of what appeared to be an Army flat bed semi trailer.The flying saucer shaped object was huge dwarfing the truck,it was gleaming bright in the morning sun,the shape i have seen in UFO photos before and there was a huge kine up of cars behind the truck as no one could pass as it blocked both lanes of the highway.

    UFOSA Note:

    We have never come across direct credible evidence of military ownership or acquisition of a UFO or any UFO’s. Perhaps it was a prop for a staged event or some piece of hardware that just looked like a flying saucer.

    • Phil Says:

      Yeah right i guess the military often stage events with gigantic flying saucer shaped objects,i did stop and think could it be something else? the answer in my mind is no because theres nothing else that looks like that too bad i didnt have a camera that day then there would be some evidence of there ownership, wouldnt matter what i said or showed anybody because the truth is that people dont believe untill theyve truly seen things with their own eyes and whoever is in charge will just deny that these things are real anyway.I dont want to expose anything anyway i just want people who are interested in these things who know that they are real to know what i have seen and possibly to find out if anybody else had seen it also.

  27. Leon Byner Says:

    Last night at about 3am as I was driving home I saw a flying disc hover above Parliament house in North Terrace and I a partially dismembered cow was ejected from the craft and it fell on the steps of the building and exploded into a quivering mass of bovine excretia. Could you interpret this observation please.

  28. robyn Says:

    Tonight at 9pm I walked out my backdoor and noticed a bright flickering coloured object. I noticed it because it was too colourful and too bright and flickering much faster than a star. It seemed the size of a star, but was definately not in outerspace. It was flickering red green or maybe blue and clear/white light. We had a look with the binochulars and no it was not a star. I rang my son and he confirmed that it was not a star and in the direction of Nth Adelaide in norwesterly direction from Norwood and a westerly direction from Walkerville. It was static for about 20mins. It then moved lower or further west (maybe)for the rest of the time. It was now being obscured by a tree but was still visible. I had gone out to the street to see I could view it from there but could not. In the mean time my husband watched it disappear into the western sky. We viewed it from 9pm-9.20pm Wednesday 12th August 2009.
    I lived in Darwin for many years and have seen similar objects on a number of occasions.

    UFOSA Note:

    If there was no sound then it could not be a noisy helicopter.
    With colours of “red green or maybe blue and clear/white light” it’s easy to see why ancient India recorded the visits of Divine Beings coming and going in “ukalas” or baskets of flowers.

  29. Viewindo Says:

    Whilst walking home with my girlfriend on a saturday night, we saw two bright yellow/orange lights just East of Seaford Rise. At first I though it was just my eyes playing tricks on me, so we stopped, I was not the only one seeing things. A few blocks from my house the lights were moving at a rapid pace then slowed down. They looked to be approx’ 5,000ft high, but it was hard to tell from that angle. If anything, I’d say they were above South Road, judging by the brightness of the lights. We then discussed of what a ‘logical’ explination would be. She said that she whitnessed it on the bus before we got to Seaford, but thought it was just her glasses reflecting streetlights and whatnot.

    Both lights were travelling at exactly the same speed as eachother. There was no sound around at all, no explosions to be heard before and the speed did change rather quickly, they dropped speed much faster than anything I have ever seen before.
    It could have just been a prank, but too many things didn’t work out for that; the speed they travelled at to begin with, the way they dissapeard after slowing down and the distance they travelled, not to mention absolutaly no sound.

    The lights were too bright for them to be of extreme altitudes.
    If I had a camera phone, believe me, I would have taken a photo. Sorry if my description hasn’t been too good, I’m still shocked about what I saw and what it could be. I’m still neutral of wether it’s from this world or not but it was truely amazing.

    The time I noted was around 12:45am on sunday the 2nd of August 2009.

    The lights started to dim then dissapeared completely, creepily beautiful stuff!

    UFOSA Note:

    Thanks for “creepily beautiful stuff !”

  30. Freaked Says:

    Moved to Morphett Vale in January and have seen a lot of odd things in the skies around here! Keep telling my Mum that it is a hot spot but tonight was the icing on the cake! Tonight is Saturday March 2009 and at 10.20pm I was sitting in the back yard and looking up at the stars then I saw something flying my way in the corner of my eye (flying South to North direction). When I spotted it I stood up and tried to focus hard on what I was seeing as I could’t believe it (hadn’t been drinking at all). It was coasting along at a speed faster than a satellite (seen hundreds of those) and faster than an aeroplane. Even though it flew over me it made no noise whatsoever. Hard to describe the colour – it was kind of dark white/grey or really it was colourless. It had no lights and it was not illuminated but I could see it out in the dark light. Think it was round in shape. I watched it coast over at a fast speed until I couldn’t see it anymore over the North horizon. Truly amazing! Wow never forget it!

  31. Peter Says:

    On the 4th of October at about 8:30pm I was traveling with my wife along the Yorke Peninsula highway coming from Yorketown and heading toward Port Wakefield.
    We saw a bright light that we thought was a car on top of a lookout we had stopped at earlier in the day, when we got closer we lost sight of the light and I said to my wife it could not of been the lookout because we have not even passed the lookout.
    A little while later we saw the light again it was ahead of us, at first we thought it was a bright star/planet that we had been seeing near the moon for some days but then I looked and saw the moon and star off to our left. The light was like, perhaps the headlight of a landing plane, but I figured if that were the case and we were looking at a plane front on the light would have gotten closer considering we were both moving at speed toward one another but this light (pale yellow/dull white) was maintaining its distance about a kilometer ahead of us.
    I continued to watch the light and slowly we gained on it, I lost sight of it occasionally behind some trees but eventually we found it again, it was off to our left and it was now two lights like the headlights of a car driving along side of us but in the air, I remember thinking that it looked like the headlights of one of the older cars that has the chrome collars behind the headlight giving the appearance of an elongated body behind the light.
    After a minute of so it appeared to get further away to the left and then it turned into three lights that formed a perfect triangle (We have planes that turn outside our house in southern Adelaide and they never form the triangle like this) two lights were at the front with one light trailing behind, I don’t think they were separate lights because they stayed together too close.
    After a while the light started heading ahead of us and was soon kilometers ahead, there were several colors flashing on the object including blue white and red. We watched and after several minutes the object came back toward us, it’s brightness was fluctuating, sometimes bright sometimes dull and sometimes the multi colors flashing it came back and we stopped the car, I opened the window and thought of getting a photo but knew the light wasn’t bright enough to show in my small digital camera, I waited until there were no cars within earshot and the object was off to our left about 200 meters but I could hear nothing, we continued on our way and I kept watch out of the back window, after a while it got pretty dull I assume due to the distance we were from it but I could still see the flashing. I remember onetime looking out of the rear window seeing another similar light above and to the left of the first one and then the first one stopped flashing and the second one started flashing.
    After that we lost sight of it in the lights of the city.

  32. Jessica Says:

    I forgot to mention it was between 7 and 9 pm

  33. Jessica Says:

    I saw a green light that glowed like magnesium across the sky in mid 2008, sorry cant remember a specific date. I was with family in Henley Beach at the time I told every one to stand up shouting “look look” but it disappeared just as they came to see. I checked to see if anything was online the next day but no one else has ever reported it. I know it wasn’t a plane because it was way to bright and only a single green non flashing light, it wasn’t fire works because it traveled horizontally and for too long of a distance so Im really not sure Hope some one else saw it.

  34. Justin Says:

    21/12/08, between 7:30 and 8:30pm,
    STanding in the backyard with my partner looking towards the adelaide hills when we saw a long object flying at low altitude (I could see it cutting through the clouds)
    It was mainly pink with white outline, leaving no trail behind it and not making any noise.

  35. KELLY Says:


    • Sarah Says:

      To Kelly,

      Just read your post and yes I see strange sights in the sky over Morphett Vale often. You are not going crazy! Keep looking up like me!

  36. NightWatcher Says:

    For the last two nights (25 and 26 October 2008) my partner and I have watched lights, to the east above the Adelaide Hills, between 8.30pm and 10pm. There seems to be two lights close together, seemingly part of the same object, and often we see smaller flashing lights travel toward it and then disappear.

    Has anyone else seen these at all?

  37. Jez Says:

    Driving south along South Road on the 25 September about 3:30pm, the sky is clear and sunny.
    I have seen a lot of planes and they cross the area ahead of me but this time there was something else there.
    I saw a solid type object it was thin like a cigar and was at each end a bit wider. It looked metallic but sort of white colour at the thicker ends. It was not moving. I watched the sky as it got obscured by power poles but it didnt move into view. By the time our car moved and I searched for it the object was not in the sky. I tried to show the driver but too late for them too see it. I studied it for about 30 to 40 seconds just to be sure I couldnt identify what it was.
    I just wonder how many other people saw it, it was daylight and heaps of cars would have been in a position to see it.

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