UFOSA would like to give detailed helpful descriptions of how to deal with the News’ Media


due to vague and unhelpful hindrance and handling of UFO reports by SOME media organisations

UFOSA can only extend a warning and give examples of problems encountered with News’ media.

Specifically, News’ media are fully paid subservient conformist organisations who promote and bolster a human value system that does not allow or want honest truthful information or relations with UFO’s and UFO contacts or witnesses.

We have known UFO witnesses and contacts, who upon contacting a News’ media branch, have been subjected to

  • hazing:

    sarcastic demeaning humiliating hurtful criticism intended to lessen a UFO respondent’s self-esteem and confidence, and to further submerge the subject of UFO’s into negative or non-existent territory where the UFO’s are less of a threat to the prevailing human value system

  • unwanted unneeded surveillance by News’ media coverage teams who enjoy intimidating those who point to corruption and deception in the UFO controversy
  • stone wall iron curtain silence or lack of response
  • no support or valid references by News’ media to sources of help for UFO respondents who may need psychological counselling or scientific or law enforcement assistance related to a UFO incident

These SAME aspects are also encountered by other cross cultural groups who move “against the grain” such as

  • Pro Peace (Anti War)
  • Pro Environment (Anti Nuclear)
  • Pro Multicultural (Anti Bigot Anti Racist)
  • Pro Tolerance (Anti Fascist)

groups and individuals.

In fact we know one UFO witness and possible contact who nearly suffered a nervous breakdown when encountering a News’ organisation because of negative criticism, profanity, insensitivity and other overt abuse.

We recommend these cautions when dealing with media and News’ media organisations such as internet chat rooms or forums:

  1. Only rely and have confidence or hope for the slightest of contacts and relations with the media UNLESS the media is
    time-proven to be trustworthy on a personal long-term basis

    i.e. the safety rule “Don’t Speak to Strangers”given as advice to most children also applies to UFO contacts

  2. Keep your own set of notes and other records, such as photos, audio recordings and/or phone messages and do not surrender or mention these to News’ media, especially if you want to keep them as a worthy trophy or honourable item for the UFO event
  3. avoid mentioning names, locations and personal details of people or associated properties who also know of the UFO event to the News’ media, lest these people or properties receive ridicule, abuse and black-listing by the News’ media
  4. if something horrible or very strange has happened, such as UFO effects on the area or creatures in the area, or “strange beings” associated with the UFO, avoid placing these foremost or “up front” in the UFO testimony to media because SOME News’ media are very xenophobic (full of fear of the unknown or anything different) and may react with violence or active aggression, especially if You are not violent, aggressive or an “easy target” for them

As a corollary, remember the incident of hazing, surveillance and harassment encountered by Princess Diane of Wales which probably resulted in her death and others by News’ media, often called “Papparazi” but who are really a very conformist TASS News agency and/or $CIA$KGB$ unit for very wealthy News’ such as Rupert Murdoch .


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