Adelaide Hills UFO

Monday 8 March 2010

Perth Times Adelaide Hills UFO Report

Perth Times Adelaide Hills UFO Report

Text of Above Article:

Cover-up alleged over UFO-linked animal slaughter


Farmers in the Adelaide Hills have discovered mutilated animal corpses and burn marks on the ground which UFO researchers claim indicates alien spacecraft have landed in the area.
The latest claims follow rumors of dozens of sightings of UFOs in the rural areas of Mt Barker and Mt Sterling, about 20km south of Adelaide.
UFO researchers claim the bizarre killings have been covered up by the military in a bid to quash a UFO scare in the area.
In one incident, researchers say, a farmer discovered four cows with holes drilled into their skulls and the brains removed.
According to the reports, farmers have been warned to “keep quiet”.


Other discoveries. researchers say, include egg-shaped “pod” marks near the property. These indicate a craft had landed they claim.
Rocks in the pod holes were crushed, tree tops burnt and dozens of birds found dead nearby.
Police in both areas said they had not been told about the animal mutilations, but many people in the area had reported seeing UFOs and strange lights in the sky.

‘Many reports of UFOs and strange lights in the sky’

Adelaide UFO researcher, Mr Colin Norris. said he had been told to “drop off” – after making inquiries into the sightings.
Mr. Norris, a director of the Australian International UFO Research Society, said: “The area where the bodies of the cows were found is often used by the army and is closed off.
“I have been told they asked the farmer to remain quiet about the animals and that they would cover the whole thing up.
“If it is all true – and I have no reason to doubt it is not – then it must be checked out because it tallies with similar incidents which have happened all over the world – most of these kinds of incidents are hushed up in one way or another.”
Mr Norris said the pod marks and the burnt tree tops indicated a craft had landed in the area – but the discovery of the dead animals suggested “extraterrestrials” had left their ship.
He said:
“These beings would have to have left the craft to get at the animals.”


“There was a similar report in the United States a few years ago where a farmer tied a calf to a tree by the leg.
“He returned to the calf sometime later and claims it was being pulled into a spacecraft. He cut the rope around its leg because it was squealing in pain.
“Later he told UFO investigators he discovered the skin of the animal – minus its carcass.
“And there have been dozens of similar incidents of animal mutilations reported across the world.”

Sunday Times, Perth, Australia

Note: This type phenomena often occurs when humans are busy fabricating or planning to use Nuclear Weapons as in the RayGun Era.


8 Responses to “Adelaide Hills UFO”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    there is no perth times newspaper, the whole things a hoax.

    UFOSA note:

    There is a Perth Sunday Times newspaper.
    It is the Sunday edition of the West Australian newspaper.

    Here is a URL of the famous NASA Captures UFO on Camera Perth Sunday Times collection via Google:

    UFO on NASA camera

  2. Reynaldo Says:

    You truly constructed many superb ideas in your post,
    “Adelaide Hills UFO � UFOSA : UFO’s Australia”. I’ll wind up
    coming back again to your website eventually. Thx –

  3. Warren Says:

    my daughter and 4 friends observeed astrange object in night sky moving above treetop height at midnight approx. on 5.11.2011 object appeared to change shape and moved with purpose across their field of vision. this happened at shanks rd mylor,it moved very quietly , all 4 were spooked and shit themselves and moved inside at the time of observation all 4 were swimming in a backyard pool all 4 were sober and not overly given to histrionics aged between 16 and 18 the detail given by them puts the object out of their sphere of experience and therefore makes their story credible

  4. robert Says:

    dear James

    Following my earlier post of the 2 May 2010
    The obsevations I have been making have continued
    It is interesting, that such definite impressions
    have been formed, more recently at Kadina, as on
    two separate occasion I observed (best described
    as an accumulation –gathering up into one larger
    identity of the smaller identities -move across
    the Gulf in the direction of Kadina.
    Separately, the images recently shown on the web
    media page — have authenticity too what I have
    observed, particularly, the instance of a darker
    form within the general light globe.
    This darker form on occasion is completely free
    with its own movement, which could only be
    described as majestic, non threatening.

  5. COLBO Says:

    I live in adelaide and i see strange stuff in the sky all the time. Im always outside at night with my telescope as i love star gazing. My family thinks im nuts as im always telling them about something new.

    I know heaps of people who have seen something at least once in thier lives in adelaide.

    Going back a few months i seen what was like a meteor streak in then stop, turn and move down towards the south along the hills then circled towards the sea then north. When it got to about the airforce base it shot off west.

    At the same time 2 more objects streaked in like meteors and followed the previous object west on the exact same line.

    Ive seen so much stuff recently ive come to the conclusion thats its got to be the airforce, not only do we have the RAAF here but also a little known secret base off port wakefield road past pt gawler.

    There is no way the airforce cant know about these things, so it must be thier own craft. If its not thier own then they are blind and dumb beyond belief.

    UFOSA Note:

    There is every way a human air force can and will deny unhuman objects that can out-maneuvre human aircraft.

    Example : if a human airforce tricks a society into providing many tens of millions of dollars for a single military machine that obviously cannot out-turn out-fly a UFO, then it is a major embarassment to the human military and human war-for-profit industry.

  6. James Says:

    Not sure where to report this but i definately saw a ufo (strange lights) tonight. we were on the beach at sellicks beach and watched a distant light dart in different directions then stop.. and repeat etc for a long time.

    Its clear that no human technology can fly like this, hence my label of ufo.

    • robert Says:

      dear James

      I live a litle further north of Sellicks Beach
      What you report you observed I can understand as I have made a similar observation a number of times.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Funny Ive just stumbled across this page after watching something that defies logic tonight around 9.00pm.
        Two very bright white flashes yet extremely quick, very high, if it was the same craft it was traveling at massive speeds, could be military yet no noise, and the altitude was too high.
        I was located at Silver Sands looking towards Willunga Hill.
        Coincidence ?

        UFOSA Note:
        Human military does not produce any UFO’s and probably does not interact with UFO’s due to very wide gap in evolution, time-space continuum, other-dimensional constraints.

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