Mysterious Green Light Seen in Sky Off Adelaide Coast

Sunday 2 February 2014

The Adelaide Advertiser newspaper of 30 January 2014 carried a headline “Mysterious green light seen in sky off Adelaide coast.”


The story told how residents of sea front suburbs of Adelaide, including Tennyson, West Beach and Hallet Cove had reported sightings on the previous night.( Latitude 34.9 deg south; 138.6 deg east..)

The light in the sky was described as white or orange/red, or green in colour. It was said to be “high in the sky” and was seen about 2200hrs in the western sky. There was no associated sound.

It was also seen from country South Australia, including Beachport (latitude 37.5 deg south; 140 deg east.)

In other words, although the headline said it was seen from Adelaide suburbs it was actually seen over a much wider area of our state.

The Astronomical Society of South Australia suggested the light was either a meteor or a satellite re-entry. This fits all the known data in the newspaper article.

Text of newspaper article:

Mysterious green light seen in sky off Adelaide coast

The mystery light was seen in Adelaide’s western sky. Source: Supplied

A MYSTERIOUS light spotted off the Adelaide coast was likely a bright meteor or satellite, astronomy experts say.

Residents at Beachport, Tennyson and Hallett Cove reported the light to police, describing it as white, orangey-red or green and “high in the sky” shortly before 10pm last night.

The Astronomical Society of SA said this morning the sighting was most likely a bright meteor, but if it lasted an extended amount of time it might have been a satellite re-entering.

The latter are less common than bright meteors and their light lasts longer due to their slower speed.

Police last night took to Facebook to say they had received multiple simultaneous reports of a strange light in the sky from as widespread as the Yorke Peninsula, West Beach and Beachport.

The light was described as and police said it did not appear to have been a flare or distress beacon.

They did however have some fun with their readers, predicting that “(it) was most likely a meteorite … or aliens.”

This is the second unexplained sighting in three months, after dozens of people reported a mysterious light in the sky in November , which astronomy experts said was likely the planet Venus.

UFOSA Note: Another “low flying planet” according to News and News scientists ?


2 Responses to “Mysterious Green Light Seen in Sky Off Adelaide Coast”

  1. Claire Says:

    Did anyone else report the same kind of sighting that night?

  2. Claire Says:

    I seen two or three lights in the sky tonight. I was near brigbton the light were round white yellow and were as it looked like hoving around in circles. They were stoping, going straight bakwards and forwards. And circling occadionally .i was with three other people.
    They seen it too. They were there for half hour or so and im nit sure wen it went because I left the place I was at. Anyone see it?

    UFOSA note:
    Give us an email (ufo_sa@hotmail.com) and perhaps we’ll pass on your details.

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