Here are some of our many reports received by EMAIL to ufo_sa@hotmail.com.
Any definite marks of identification such as email addresses have been removed or changed to protect personal identity and increase private and public safety.

Date Received:
August 2010
Email Subject:
confirmed crash
Body of Email Start::
Dear Sir/Madam,
About 25 years ago in a remote area of Australia myself and a friend were driving ,trying to get to the next town.It was just getting dark and i was driving the car when my friend pointed to a flaming object flying parallel with our car about 300 metres away. the object was gradually losing height and it had greenish blue glow about it.My friend and I watched it for the best part of 5 seconds before it hit the ground and rolled through the scrub setting the area on fire for about a quarter of a mile.The area also took on the same greenish blue glow as the object.With the fire so intense there was no way we could get near the object so we went to the next town and reported it to police who were not particularly concerned.
All these years later i have studied physics and I now believe that crash may have been a controlled landing. The laws of gravity would verify the fact that the object could not have landed at 15 degrees as it did which begs the question what was it.
There is I believe an American base in the area (arnehm land,NT)so maybe that is were it come from. What ever, the fire from that crash burned feircely for about 2 weeks as it was still burning when we came back past. Incidently ..we initially thought it was a plane on fire, whatever it was i though i’d mention it to you people
Papa James
::Body of Email End
UFOSA Note:We have never come across evidence of ANY American base anywhere in Australia that produces or projects UFO’s.

Date Received:
August 2010
Body of Email Start::
Last Friday morning (13th Aug 2010) I was driving up towards Leigh Creek at approximately 0430-0500 hrs.
At about 30-40 degrees above the horizon in a North/Northwest direction, a very bright light suddenly appeared, so prominent that I hit my friend in the passenger seat to wake him instantly.
The light was about 4 or 5 times the size of any planet in the night sky and about as bright as the moon (maybe a -12 to -15 magnitude brightness)
It stayed stationary in the sky (I could tell relative to the stars around it) for around 30 seconds before just disappearing without a trace.
I wasn’t shining light like a spot light would, but more emitting light like a star would. I work at sea as a navigation officer, so I have a board understanding about the sky as we still train to use it for navigation.
I can confidently say this light was not a star, planet, shooting star or anything like which I have seen before. It did not move at all in the night sky. It was defiantly not a spotlight of some type coming from a aircraft e.g.: a helicopter.
The light was very very intense and bright, much brighter than any landing light or anything from an aircraft, and because there was no movement what so ever it couldn’t of been an aircraft or a shooting star.
The altitude of the “light” was way above any possible land, hill or tower in the area.
It was just STRANGE!!!!
Spending the past 10 years at sea, I have seen many weird things, but nothing ever comes close to this.
I am hoping you could shed some light on what it could have been, or if there have been any other sightings similar to this in the area. I am very intrigued as to what it could be.
Thank you for your time, and please feel free to forward this onto anyone you know who may have a thought about this, or an answer.
Kind regards
Luke Skywalker
::Body of Email End


One Response to “Reports Via Email”

  1. Claire Says:

    I was down brighton last night at 11.45 I was standing out side the car with 3 other friends and I loooked in the sky as something caused a distraction to me. There were 2,3 ligjts hoverimg like for instance spot lights. Yellow / white in colour. They were going backwars forwards an quite often in circles. The direction waa north and they were hoveting for 1/2 or so

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