Circle of Pulsating Blue Lights by Mullawirratingga

Sunday 18 August 2013

UFOSA received a report by a qualified security officer that a

Circle of Pulsating Blue Lights

to the south of central Adelaide was seen on Monday night 5 August 2013.

Apparently there was a pair of red lights some distance apart and a larger number of blue lights were flashing on and off IN CONSECUTIVE SEQUENCE within a circle.

No noise was heard and the distance from the viewer’s position was at least several hundred metres away over the nearby Gulf, west of the area known as Mullawirratingga (translated into alien invader language as “Christies Beach”).

For reasons and confidentiality, no further information about the witness or their report is included.

(Some in the security, law enforcement and scientific research are apprehensive about the effects of reporting information about UFO’s since this may affect their employment or record in some deleterious way.)


One Response to “Circle of Pulsating Blue Lights by Mullawirratingga”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Yes I saw this too. I was driving home from work sometime after 7 pm from Hallett Cove heading south. I pulled over on the highway when I saw it but thought it must be just a helicopter as it was very unreal sight to see!. The lights were pulsating bright blue then red. Did not look like anything I had seen before, hence why I pulled over initially.

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