AIFSR or AIUFOFSR was an organisation in Adelaide, South Australia formed and directed by Mr. Colin Norris, an Australian Air Force veteran who experienced a UFO close hand in World War II.

AIFSR met at the Better Hearing Association on Wakefield Street Adelaide every two months for many years. Audiences could fill the room with as many as 100 people. A gold-coin ($1 or $2) donation was requested at the door.

AIFSR would start its meetings with a brief introduction, reports on local (city or state) UFO sightings, then proceed into a session conducted by a main speaker.

These meetings lasted about two hours and were followed by about an hour of interesting coversation over coffee, tea and snacks.

AIFSR had a lending library and regularly sent out a carefully crafted booklet newsletter with interesting articles about UFO’s and UFO theories. These often had an international audience and international content.

Sadly, AIFSR eventually had to change meeting premises to a less favourable location.

Attendance and membership numbers dwindled.

Colin Norris eventually reached a senior age and gave up management of AIFSR to proxy management by relatives.

AIFSR was a premier public UFO organisation in South Australia.


5 Responses to “Australian International Flying Saucer Research”

  1. Zitha Says:

    I had receive your most welcome bulletin from 1977 sent to me by MR. COLIN NORRIS.
    Is a shame that Mr. Norris passed away in 2009, However I will remember him always.
    I would like to get your news from Australia and if you print an internet bulletin… too.
    Zitha, journalist and UFO writer from México, City.
    P.S. May I send you Ufo news from Mexico City?

  2. Galo Says:

    Glentlemen: I am an flying saucer researcher<i understood several flying saucers secrets like colors,geometric system and more,I come from South America (Ecuador) but I am living in New York City Galo

  3. Thenon Says:

    Hello earthlings I am contacting you all from my laptop aboard my spaceship hovering over the Tea Tree Plaza. I wish to warn you of impending doom which you have brought on yourselves by your own venal actions. In the next 10 years your cities will be overtaken by hoards of giant crustaceans which through pollution of the oceans are mutating as I write this and they will rise up from the oceans and attack your townships. When your eradication by these flesh eating mutations is complete we will start the human race again from year 1 since you have so obviously XXXXXX up your go at it. Thenon

  4. christine smith Says:

    Can you please tell me if Adelaide has a meeting, as I attended one in Flinders Street many years ago?

    UFOSA Reply:

    Yes. Email us at ufo_sa(at)hotmail.com for meeting info.

    We have difficulty finding (non-disruptive genuine) people to come to UFOSA meetings. As some of AIFSR (Colin Norris) contacts we are willing to discuss meetings and meeting agendas, but cannot provide the same environment as at the AIFSR Wakefield Street Better Hearing Association hall. Also, public liablity insurance is an issue since we are NOT a corporation or incorporated.

  5. Steve... Says:

    I wish to know if Mr. Norris has an email address or can be reached via some email address? The reason I ask is I have a true story to tell and it relates back to the mid 1960’s. Thank you.
    King Regards Steve

    UFOSA Note:

    Mr. Colin Norris passed away in July 2009. AIFSR can perhaps be reached via the Telstra phone book White pages.
    The AIFSR paper mail address was/is GPO Box 2004 ADELAIDE 5001.

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