UFO vs Human Drone RPA MVA Devices

Wednesday 13 March 2013

We listened to an ABC Radio National Background Briefing program about the proliferation of human Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), referred to as Drones, MVA’s (Micro or Miniature Air Vehicle), insectocopters, Cybird_ornithopters, etc in Australia.

Click here for link to ABC RN Background Briefing Drones Show


Drones are usually owned and used by human governments, wealthy corporations, aircraft buffs and scientific explorers.

Some of the reports we receive could also be RPA-related, especially those that include dark dots or spots flying about.

However, a UFO is distinctly different to a human RPA in that a UFO is Un-human.

Items of difference between UFO or OVNI or unusual Human Aircraft :

A UFO can have

  1. Instantaneous appearance and disappearance ability
    (almost seeming to come and go from other dimensional setting)
  2. Electrical or other energetic plasma shape or dispersal
  3. Beams of energy unlike anything human
  4. Immediate travel at high speed
  5. Psychological effects on nearby Earth biological beings
  6. Associated Entities very different to humans
  7. Impervious to any human military weapon or human item of offence
  8. Anti electrical “netting” to remove any and all electrical power in area
  9. Levitation ability on nearby light or heavy objects

UFO Teriyaki

Sunday 16 December 2012

Teriyaki is our code name for someone who has lived and experienced life all around Australia for many decades.

Teriyaki could also be translated to be Teri Yakky because Teri is a bit Yakky and a two-way conversation with talkative Teri is rather difficult to acheive.

Nevertheless, Teri offerred us pleasant stories about many MANY interesting things that happened in Teri’s life related to UFO’s, paraphysical and Natural phenomena.

If You lived in the city where Teri lived, You would recognise Teri as one of the champions and friends of Dolphins, a learned pacifist, talented musician and very congenial person “who nobody can deny”… so we cannot deny Teri’s accounts of UFO appearances and relations to unusual events in and around Australia.

OF COURSE to keep Teri’s confidentiality protected we do not give direct reference to Teri and we will try to obscure Teri’s identity as much as possible, so only an irregular outline of Teri can be glimpsed through this recount of Teriyaki’s conversations with us.

Here are some of the topics and names of places and events we will try to elucidate upon :

  1. Koolymilka SA
  2. Boolegoon SA
  3. Lake Gairdner SA
  4. NE Woomera SA
  5. 1956 – 1957
  6. Three hour power outage
  7. Hesso (between Port Augusta and Woomera) SA
  8. Disappearance of the Lincoln Star (1961)
  9. The Devil’s Meridian
  10. UFO at Glenelg SA 1978, 42 degrees C.
  11. UFO at Morphetteville Race Course SA 1979
  12. Swoop techniques and patterns of human interceptor jet attack fighters
  13. Billie the Dolphin
  14. UFO at Glenelg SA 1960, Jetty Road by church, loud buzzing, had to plug ears, 3 domes underneath
  15. Orphans of the Empire
  16. Greenish UFO’s
  17. Dreams and premonitions before disappearance of the Lincoln Star (1961)
  18. Colin Norris
  19. Strange appearances in photographs
  20. UFO injuries to senior staff at Woomera Nuclear Weapon / Missile testing area

We testify that Teri was a genuine authentic witness and story-teller who would give the same reports or accounts repeatedly with the same details on many occasions.

Nerf Surfs Night Sky in Mount Barker SA

Saturday 10 November 2012

UFOSA received a report of a “nerf ball sized” orb of light travelling parallel (horizontal) to ground level in a suburb of Mount Barker South Australia at about 5:30 a.m. on Monday 5 November 2012.

This happened in a period of extreme electrical storm activity in South Australia with about 170,000 lightning strikes recorded by the nation-wide system of 9 automatic monitoring stations.

We could easily admit this as possible St. Elmo’s Fire or Ball Lightning except for the fact that the object seemed to travel for more than a few metres and did not dissipate.

Power lines are in the area where the “nerf ball” light was sighted.

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Four interstate speakers:
Dominic McNamara from SydneySecretary, The UFO and Paranormal Research Society of Australia.
Over the years, the Society has found need to investigate certain reports more closely than others. Why? Disseminating this information and the tools used to do so is changing within the Society. We are now looking into new ventures for displaying information to a wider public audience through the use of video recreations according to the reports and the evidence, alone.
Some of these cases will be highlighted during the presentation. Some filming clips will be presented as opposed to pure dialogue. Audiences are invited to make up their own minds about these cases.
Larraine Cilia from Sydney
President, UFO and Paranormal Research Society of Australia.
  1. A personal journey and comparison to classic cases from all over New South Wales
  2. A Society’s Journey from The UFO Society of Western Sydney through to the cross-disciplinary approach to all things Paranormal Covered by The UFO & Paranormal Research Society of Australia
  3. What do we hope to achieve?
Shane Ryan from Canberra
The 1966 Westall Flying Saucer Incident
  1. A brief outline of my background and the reasons for beginning my Westall research.
  2. A presentation of the timeline of the Westall Incident highlighting the major elements of the sighting.
  3. A focus on the description of the UFO(s) and of the circle(s) and other traces.
  4. A statistical summary of the witnesses, who they were, what they saw, and where they saw it.
  5. A summary of the local, state and federal government agencies’ responses to the Westall Incident.
  6. A discussion of the media response to the Incident at the time: TV, newspaper, and radio, and the reporting of it over the years since.
  7. A look-back at how the Westall ’66 documentary came about, and the opportunities and challenges it provided. A look-forward to up-coming film treatments.
  8. Conclusions and ongoing challenges.
  9. Time for discussion and Q and A.
Andrew Arnold from Melbourne
Founder, Victorian UFO Action.
UFO Research in Victoria
Andrew Arnold’s (Victorian UFO Action) presentation will feature his group’s recent excellent research on the famous 1978 Frederick Valentich disappearance. In addition he will speak about the VUFOA’s aims, mission and what they have to offer, including the only YouTube UFO show made in Australia. He will also cover current Victorian UFO cases, and explore the question “UFOs – what are they, and are they extraterrestrial?”
Debbie Payne debbiep@adam.com.au Phone: 0413 800 143
Helen Danby hdanby@optusnet.com.au Phone: 0413 188 464

AURA : Australian UFO Research Association

End of 2011 Review

Tuesday 3 January 2012

There were MANY local reports relating to

  1. Sightings and Soundings between September 2011 and November 2011
  2. Past testimony of UFO’s witnessed in Woomera Prohibited Area in past decades
  3. At least one encounter between UFO and pet animal (dog)

Most activity was

  1. Internet users posting reports of sightings
  2. A special investigation into unusual aerial phenomena in coastal Western Australia which corelated to other UFO group investigations
    (Click to visit members.ozemail.com.au/~amilani/wa-sightings.html)
  3. Phone reports
  4. Maintaining UFOSA web blogs
  5. Visit by Linda Moulton Howe to various locations in Australia

Our most significant report, relayed by phone from Owen, South Australia, mentioned

  • numerous orange lights in night sky
  • UFO’s performing maneuvres far beyond any human capability

The categories of UFO reports for 2011 were

  • orange lights at night
  • large, yet indistinct shapes or shadows, sometimes making sounds like passing trains

Email and Blog activity contained

  • Reports
  • Invitations to UFO events

Stars Light Stars Bright

Sunday 23 October 2011

UFOSA received a call on Saturday night 22 October 2011 at 10:30 p.m. alerting us to the presence of a bright “star like” object, surrounded by other similar bright objects, to the East North East of Adelaide, as seen from one of the coastal suburbs in northwest Adelaide.

We will check the STAR CHART for the evening and try to determine if it could be a low-flying hovering planet with associated moons or some geostationary space debris.

It should be noted that in the 1950’s and 1960’s, there were time lapse photographic coverage of the night sky with fixed motion pictures cameras taking periodic shots perhaps every 10 minutes.

The resulting roll of film contained a swirling motion picture show with various stars and planets forming the swirling motions.

HOWEVER, in the midst of some of these sessions were very unusual stationary bright lights, in a time frame of the “space age” when there were few if any geostationary human satellites, aircraft, rockets or weather balloons.

Labrador Moonstruck After UFO Visit

Thursday 13 October 2011

On Sunday 25 September 2011, at about 6 a.m. in the morning, at a time of day when there was plenty daylight, a resident near Adelaide was awoken by a large object, whose presence was first detected by a shadow falling on timber venetian blinds over a window.

The object moved slowly and emitted a very loud roaring noise, and was similar to a mix of a passing car and truck mixed together.

The resident was investigating what was happening outside and at about 6:20 a.m. noticed that the family Labrador Retriever was missing, and this was very strange as the Labrador was normally very attached to the house.

Scratch marks were discovered on concrete outside the house.

Several hours later the Labrador returned and it was noticed that a rear toenail was missing on the Labrador.

Also, the Labrador was very distressed.

For the next two days the Labrador seemed very wary of everyone and everything.

In the next weeks, the Labrador could often be found to be transfixed or semi-hypnotised, and often gazing in total amazement at lighted objects at night, and especially the moon.

The UFO object had given the Labrador a very good reason to be Moonstruck.

The period of Sunday 25 September 2011 was also a date when there was at least one other UFO report.

Here is the link to that UFO report: