Mass Deception Document Received

Tuesday 10 September 2013

UFOSA received the following document

It was in word processor format and has a “File Properties” CREATED date of

Saturday, 24 August 2013, 9:58:13 AM

Here are the photocopy scan of the paper postal package it arrived in
and the KOOLSTIX USB device (8GB Thanks!) that contained the file(s).

Postal Pack Front USB FrontThe main file was converted to PDF format.

It can be read and viewed here:


Unfortunately it contains human / humanoid content, such as the fake images of “alien” hominids, and is therefore inapplicable to UNHUMAN Flying Objects South Australia.

Thanks again to whoever sent the package since we will put the USB memory device to good purpose.



UFO vs Human Drone RPA MVA Devices

Thursday 14 March 2013

We listened to an ABC Radio National Background Briefing program about the proliferation of human Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), referred to as Drones, MVA’s (Micro or Miniature Air Vehicle), insectocopters, Cybird_ornithopters, etc in Australia.

Click here for link to ABC RN Background Briefing Drones Show

Drones are usually owned and used by human governments, wealthy corporations, aircraft buffs and scientific explorers.

Some of the reports we receive could also be RPA-related, especially those that include dark dots or spots flying about.

However, a UFO is distinctly different to a human RPA in that a UFO is Un-human.

Items of difference between UFO or OVNI or unusual Human Aircraft :

A UFO can have

  1. Instantaneous appearance and disappearance ability
    (almost seeming to come and go from other dimensional setting)
  2. Electrical or other energetic plasma shape or dispersal
  3. Beams of energy unlike anything human
  4. Immediate travel at high speed
  5. Psychological effects on nearby Earth biological beings
  6. Associated Entities very different to humans
  7. Impervious to any human military weapon or human item of offence
  8. Anti electrical “netting” to remove any and all electrical power in area
  9. Levitation ability on nearby light or heavy objects

Photos of Human Drone RPA MVA Devices:

Source : Wikipedia

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3 Metallics Near Victor Harbour

Friday 17 December 2010

The UFOSA report line (08) 9269 3217 received information from a witness in Victor Harbor South Australia in November 2010 that some photos were taken while facing west about sunset and some strange “lines” in and near the clouds in the sky were noticed.

Upon examining the photos later, the witness discovered three distinct metallic saucer type objects in the photos.  They reportedly had the traditional saucer with raised center inverted “cup” appearance.  No unusual sounds were noticed.

Unusual UFO Photo

Thursday 19 August 2010

Unusual Shape in Night Sky

Space Jet or Pet ?

Sometimes we receive photos that feature indistinct shapes of possible UFO’s.

The photos or videos of UFO’s are often vague when taken at night.

This is an example of a recent odd shape photo sent in.

It was accompanied by supposed photos of the Moon taken on the same night and the shape in this photo is dramatically different than the moon photos.

By posting this, in no way do we claim that the photo has been verified or substantiated for accuracy and authenticity.  In fact we often get photos that seem part of an attempt to make UFO’s seem part of a human space program or human military program : an almost impossible situation for UFO’s and UFO Beings we know of.

Tungkillo Ute UFO

Saturday 12 June 2010

UFOSA received report from Sandra about anomalous object showing up in digital camera photo after photo was taken near or by a Ute utility truck (rather than an American Ute).

This happened near Tungkillo, northeast of Adelaide on 6 June 2010.

Sandra's Secret Light at Night“this photo was taken at tungkillo last sunday night about 9 to 9.3o pm from a friends farm. Was taking picture of his ute and next day upon looking at photo was surprised. There was nothing in background but  rolling low hills.I did not see the object whatever it is only it came out in photo. Nothing in background at all which could causre a reflection of any kind’ hope you find it interesting’ I have left a message on yr ans.machine'”

Women are quite prominent in bringing UFO or OVNI photos to public attention:

  • Stella Lansing

    Mrs. Stella Lansing of Palmer, Massachusetts

    Since 1967, Mrs. Lansing has produced over fifty rolls of 8mm movie film depicting saucer-shaped UFOs and other unidentified objects, using a variety of cameras under many different conditions. It has become something of a hobby for her — almost a compulsion. Following her intuitive impressions, at all hours of the day or night, in all sorts of weather, often accompanied by researchers, she roams about the countryside with her camera. Many times the strange lights in the sky she manages to photograph have been witnessed by friends, neighbors and independent observers. Some of her sightings have been verified by officials at the local airport. Sometimes other people accompanying Mrs. Lansing are also able to photograph the strange lights.

    On the other hand, many of her pictures are quite unlike the lights that have been witnessed. Objects and faces appear on the film very reminiscent of Ted Serios’ psychic photographs. In fact, investigation suggests Mrs. Lansing can exert a psychokinetic effect upon film, videotape, and even large static objects. Strange sounds and voices also appear on audio tapes in her presence. Some of her apparent psychic photographs show images of flying saucers in a clocklike formation.

    Source: Mishlove,Jeffrey PhD;
    Roots of Consciousness

  • Kathy Dickmann of South Australia and Flying Saucer ReviewClick to Listen to Kathy Dickman

    Click to Read Kathy Dickman describe Beach UFO Photo

  • Valerie Wilson, Dawn Holloway and/or Brenda Butler have given testimony before an Adelaide meeting of AURA (Australian UFO Research Association) about their many unusual photos and experiences at the Rendlesham Forest in Britain.Click to Read Description of Strange Lights at Rendlesham Forest