UFOSA has received a second USB Flash Memory device with more DECEPTION ON EARTH from someone probably in Darwin NT.

Here is the file converted to PDF for your reference.

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However, here is the full-blown Deception on Earth converted to full feature creature PDF (a much larger file).


“You be the Judge…”

It is our considered opinion that indeed there is Deception on Earth and this is part of it :
an attempt to make UFO’s appear to be more human and to direct public thinking and view away from human malfeasance and human conspiracy that is covering up on the REAL NATURE of UFO’s (Unhuman Flying Objects), and Their probably mission to prevent human destruction of Planet Earth.


UFO Teriyaki

Sunday 16 December 2012

Teriyaki is our code name for someone who has lived and experienced life all around Australia for many decades.

Teriyaki could also be translated to be Teri Yakky because Teri is a bit Yakky and a two-way conversation with talkative Teri is rather difficult to acheive.

Nevertheless, Teri offerred us pleasant stories about many MANY interesting things that happened in Teri’s life related to UFO’s, paraphysical and Natural phenomena.

If You lived in the city where Teri lived, You would recognise Teri as one of the champions and friends of Dolphins, a learned pacifist, talented musician and very congenial person “who nobody can deny”… so we cannot deny Teri’s accounts of UFO appearances and relations to unusual events in and around Australia.

OF COURSE to keep Teri’s confidentiality protected we do not give direct reference to Teri and we will try to obscure Teri’s identity as much as possible, so only an irregular outline of Teri can be glimpsed through this recount of Teriyaki’s conversations with us.

Here are some of the topics and names of places and events we will try to elucidate upon :

  1. Koolymilka SA
  2. Boolegoon SA
  3. Lake Gairdner SA
  4. NE Woomera SA
  5. 1956 – 1957
  6. Three hour power outage
  7. Hesso (between Port Augusta and Woomera) SA
  8. Disappearance of the Lincoln Star (1961)
  9. The Devil’s Meridian
  10. UFO at Glenelg SA 1978, 42 degrees C.
  11. UFO at Morphetteville Race Course SA 1979
  12. Swoop techniques and patterns of human interceptor jet attack fighters
  13. Billie the Dolphin
  14. UFO at Glenelg SA 1960, Jetty Road by church, loud buzzing, had to plug ears, 3 domes underneath
  15. Orphans of the Empire
  16. Greenish UFO’s
  17. Dreams and premonitions before disappearance of the Lincoln Star (1961)
  18. Colin Norris
  19. Strange appearances in photographs
  20. UFO injuries to senior staff at Woomera Nuclear Weapon / Missile testing area

We testify that Teri was a genuine authentic witness and story-teller who would give the same reports or accounts repeatedly with the same details on many occasions.

End of 2011 Review

Tuesday 3 January 2012

There were MANY local reports relating to

  1. Sightings and Soundings between September 2011 and November 2011
  2. Past testimony of UFO’s witnessed in Woomera Prohibited Area in past decades
  3. At least one encounter between UFO and pet animal (dog)

Most activity was

  1. Internet users posting reports of sightings
  2. A special investigation into unusual aerial phenomena in coastal Western Australia which corelated to other UFO group investigations
    (Click to visit members.ozemail.com.au/~amilani/wa-sightings.html)
  3. Phone reports
  4. Maintaining UFOSA web blogs
  5. Visit by Linda Moulton Howe to various locations in Australia

Our most significant report, relayed by phone from Owen, South Australia, mentioned

  • numerous orange lights in night sky
  • UFO’s performing maneuvres far beyond any human capability

The categories of UFO reports for 2011 were

  • orange lights at night
  • large, yet indistinct shapes or shadows, sometimes making sounds like passing trains

Email and Blog activity contained

  • Reports
  • Invitations to UFO events

Linda Moulton Howe
Real Life X Files

Hosting Group : AURA (Australian UFO Research Association)
Host Contact : keithbasterfield@yahoo.com.au
PO Box 786

In Adelaide 18 July 2011


Tiffins on the Park (Botique Hotel)
176 Greenhill Road
(08) 8271 0444


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Wednesday 10 March 2010

UFOSA is a public organisation centred in Adelaide, South Australia that presents and discusses information about

UFO’s (Unhuman Flying Objects)


UFOSA conducts public meetings in the Adelaide South Australia CBD (Central Business District) and offers a UFO report telephone number (08 8269 3217) and UFO counseling service especially for the Adelaide area.

Our paper mail contact address is

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Just leave your NON-MOBILE (08-XXXX-XXXX) telephone number or other contact details, such as email address.

Telephone service is limited but we will contact reporters with credible UFO info.

Use the email address UFO_SA@hotmail.com for best results.


UFOSA coincides with other organisations such as

Australian UFO Research Network

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Australian UFO Research Association

Some of us have up to 50 years experience in the UFO field and are related to the UFO organisations mentioned above.


Contact details other personal information given to UFOSA are considered and treated as strictly confidential when submitted by phone, in person or by email.

However most other information at UFOSA meetings is in the public domain.

UFOSA reports may be publicly cited.

NO contact details, names or private information will be given to others to protect your identity.

Reports may be edited to ensure your privacy, such as removal of specific information that would reveal your identity or the identity of others.

End of 2008 Review

Monday 8 March 2010

There were several local reports but no activity relating to

  1. Abductions
  2. Missing or downed aircraft
  3. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (fully apparent Beings)

Most activity was

  1. Internet users posting reports of sightings on this web blog
  2. Email messages and attachments of photos
  3. A very few informal casual meetings attended by less than a dozen people but importantly by trained private investigators
  4. Phone reports
  5. Maintaining this web blog

Our most significant report, relayed by phone from Bordertown in South Australia in February 2008 had these features :

  • a very visible UFO white light at night approached a large plane heading towards Melbourne (UFO’s deliberately light up at night to draw attention to themselves)
  • the UFO was silent compared to the plane’s engines
  • the lighted object came so close to the plane that, if the plane was carrying 0bservant passengers, those onboard would have fully and clearly seen the UFO
  • the UFO traveled alongside the plane for a few moments and then veered off into upper space
  • the person who phoned the report said the UFO was so obvious that it would probably be reported or talked about after landing
  • however, no mention was made of the incident in the news media
  • the reporter seemed intelligent, collective, sober and sane

The categories of UFO reports for 2009 were

  • Small star-like point light sources at night, sometimes flying quite quick, a few groups
  • Tales of previous UFO sightings so significant that People recounted their experiences with plenty detail, even decades down the track, but mostly from a city street or highway automotive perspective.

Email and Blog activity contained

  • Junk or diversionary mail and comments from sites that were listed as coming from the domain “.ru” which is Russia.
  • Minor junk mail, compared to the previous mentioned mob.

Media activity had

  • Monitoring and feedback given to ABC and 5AA regarding talks by respected authorities such as David Reneke.