The recent disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines plane (flight MH370) from Kuala Lumpur to mainland China has many mysteries but immediately brings to our recollective mind the

Disappearance of military airforce Flight 19 off the coast of Florida North America on 5 December 1945, just four months from the detonations of nuclear atomic bombs on top of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Both events contain similarities:

  1. no obvious record of wreckage
  2. proximity to events with major policitcal and socio economic importance
  3. possible nuclear instigation that invite UFO visitations

If any readers of this post know of any moves by Malaysia or mainland China to construct nuclear bomb sites, and especially close in time to the possible abuduction of Flight MH370, please send us the references.

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UFOSA has received a second USB Flash Memory device with more DECEPTION ON EARTH from someone probably in Darwin NT.

Here is the file converted to PDF for your reference.

(Images have been reduced to minimal size so they do not interfere with the text download time.)


However, here is the full-blown Deception on Earth converted to full feature creature PDF (a much larger file).


“You be the Judge…”

It is our considered opinion that indeed there is Deception on Earth and this is part of it :
an attempt to make UFO’s appear to be more human and to direct public thinking and view away from human malfeasance and human conspiracy that is covering up on the REAL NATURE of UFO’s (Unhuman Flying Objects), and Their probably mission to prevent human destruction of Planet Earth.