Bumper Crop of Oranges

Wednesday 5 October 2011

In the years 2010 to 2011 Australia was blessed with wonderful significant rainfall that temporarily eased the drought conditions and brought in above-average crop productions in South Australia, to include ORANGES, that sometimes sell at 3Kg for $1.

However we did not expect the flurry of sightings of oranges in the night sky that recently came pouring in.

According to a caller, many orange lights can be seen traversing the skies to the west of Adelaide and performing maneuvres that are far beyond the human. The caller said these were observed on the York Peninsula, to the west of Adelaide, travelling eastwards across the St. Vincent Gulf towards Adelaide.

They included Oranges going up and down, or sometimes sideways, in motion, and crossing the night sky at “phenomenal speeds”.

We shall follow up on these reports and find out more, such as a possible reason or cause for the lights.

(Flares launched from ships or land do not cross the horizon or perform exotic aerodynamic acrobatics.)

One Response to “Bumper Crop of Oranges”

  1. Luke Says:

    Hi, my name is Luke, and I am the caller who left the messages about the orange lights in the sky to the west of Adelaide. I’ve whitnessed this phenomenon several times from three different locations. I look forward to speaking with someone on the subject, as I find it extremely interesting and unexplainable. I believe these lights appear in close proximity to Adelaide International Airport, but they bare no resemblance to any aircraft known to me. The speed in which they travel as well as their direction and the manouvers they perform are beyond human capabilities. The fact that they disappear and reappear in the clearest of night skies astounds me.

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