UFO Night Lights West of Adelaide

Friday 22 October 2010

On Monday 18 October 2010 extending into early Tuesday 19 October 2010, three separate UFO sightings were made in three hours between the hours of 10:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.

These involved points of lights and lighted objects, resembling glowing balls, that would

  1. appear
  2. perform sophisticated maneuvres
  3. quickly disappear

Because the objects or light sources were not doing things that human aircraft can do, they were probably UFO’s.

One of the light flights reportedly lasted for a few minutes, which in UFO reports is considered long, since many UFO’s seem to come and go across vast stretches of sky in several seconds.

Also some of the lights appeared to dance or move around in ways that human air craft or space craft are not able to move.

Because of confidentiality issues, we are cannot disclose any details of the witnesses, but can admit that if these three acts, of what would have been a majestic UFO show, were not covered by the media, then it is further evidence of the UFO coverup.

The location of the lights display was west of north Adelaide.

If further information is made public then we will note it here.

4 Responses to “UFO Night Lights West of Adelaide”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I personally gave you details of a magnificent UFO event that lasted for over four hours with a very obvious and low ufo over an inner suburb of Adelaide. You couldn’t care less! I think therefore that YOU are part of the ‘coverup’ also.

    UFOSA Note:

    Personally we have no record of your “details”…

    Your IP address is “”
    which is apparently a “Dodo”


    R U one of those who gives us plenty “dead phone calls” ?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Always watching that direction, certainly is some craft that moves just as this describes and i have witnessed it on 3 occasions from a distance and once on port river.

  3. Darcstar Says:

    That sounds great, if the witnesses would like to contact me to discuss it I am more than happy to exchange email to further share information. Thanks.Darcstar

    UFOSA Note:
    Perhaps check internet search engine for Darcstar to obtain possible email address.
    We are reluctant to give email details because of privacy and safety concerns.

  4. christianliberal Says:

    Lots of sighting in China too.

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