Unusual UFO Photo

Thursday 19 August 2010

Unusual Shape in Night Sky

Space Jet or Pet ?

Sometimes we receive photos that feature indistinct shapes of possible UFO’s.

The photos or videos of UFO’s are often vague when taken at night.

This is an example of a recent odd shape photo sent in.

It was accompanied by supposed photos of the Moon taken on the same night and the shape in this photo is dramatically different than the moon photos.

By posting this, in no way do we claim that the photo has been verified or substantiated for accuracy and authenticity.  In fact we often get photos that seem part of an attempt to make UFO’s seem part of a human space program or human military program : an almost impossible situation for UFO’s and UFO Beings we know of.

2 Responses to “Unusual UFO Photo”

  1. silver Says:

    this photo is not very clear, I’ve never seen flying saucers with this form

    UFOSA Note:

    Yes, we sometimes have photos that resemble clouds or cloud-like motions that are actually UFO’s emerging or disappearing as cloud type material or moving so fast that they appear on the photo as a cloud

  2. Darc Star Ilushn Says:

    Looking at this it could be the movement of a very fast object, as if the film had been exposed for a longer time frame.
    It could be a form of erratic vectoring of a craft with unconventional propulsion.
    It was filmed at night so if it were a powered craft, the exhaust colours signify a heat source that does not conform to the regular magnetic propulsion notion.
    Arguments either way can follow a photo of this nature, but myself being bias would like to believe it is of an extraterrestrial nature.

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