Kadina Craft Collision

Wednesday 9 June 2010

In the week of Thursday 3 June 2010 Friday 4 June 2010 there were anomalous lighted objects sighted and recorded at Kadina on the peninsula to the northwest of the Tandanya Plains Gulf and east of the Little India peninsula (Eerie Peninsula or Eyre Peninsula).

We have no explanation for the objects save to say that visual recordings of the objects might appear to the uninitiated to be Chinese paper lamps, with candles inside carried in the wind.

We refute any astronomer claims that the objects could be “low flying planets” or “swooping stars” or “airborn cars”.

The lighted objects are most probably non-standard unhuman flying objects and their maneuvres collided with human constructs of how aerial objects are supposed to appear and disapper.

Therefore : the Kadina objects definitely had a collision with human science and the human value system.

One interesting point : the objects appeared near Kadina which, in its local Australian dialect, means “Lizard Plain” or “Plain of Lizards”, but with a sound-alike-translation might be “Lizard Plane” or “Plane of Lizards”.

The photos of the objects almost suggest an insectoid type creature in the Lizard Plane.

But the main thing that stands out above all, in our view, is the close corelation between the Kadina Lizard Plane sightings and the Cleve Earthquake of Sunday 6 June 2010, that like a Meat Cleaver, sent plenty folks in the region wondering what was going on.

We fully expect more such UFO sightings and rocking shocking Nature activities to confront and oppose human plans to massively gouge, scourge and scar Australia with mines and millions of pitiful pits, with the human strategy to attack Planet Earth with plenty Einstein mines (uranium mines) and megalomaniac Einstein machines (nuclear power reactors : sustained slow-release atomic bombs or nuclear weapons).

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