RAH IMVS UFO Surgery Strike Out

Monday 8 March 2010

UFO Surgery Video Rejected

After many visits and much interaction with the Royal Adelaide Hospital, to include attendance of many of its public forums, and donations of materials to the RAH, we were dismayed when the RAH Library shut its door in our face when we attempted to donate of a copy of a controversial public video about UFO surgery on agricultural livestock : “A Strange Harvest” by Linda Moulton Howe Productions.

IMVS / RAH Rejects UFO Surgery Study

IMVS / RAH Rejects UFO Surgery Study

An (edited) copy of the reject slip (above) reads:



With compliments

Dear XXXXX(omitted for privacy reasons)

Thank you for the offer of “Strange Harvest”.

It falls outside the scope of material that we have in this collection.

Please take us off your distribution list for any further material from (UFOSA) “Intelligence Services”.

Yours sincerely,

XXXX(omitted for privacy reasons)


Quality Pathology supporting Training and Research
Frome Road, Adelaide, South Australia 5000
PO. Box 14, Rundle Mall, South Australia 5000
Tel.: (08) 8222 3000 Fax.: (08) 8222 3538

UFOSA Notes:

We find it typical of human cover-up on the UFO issue that such denial of UFO evidence is common place.

The video “A Strange Harvest” has documented authentic medical evidence explicitly displayed and discussed, as a surgeon,
Dr. Arlen Meyers
and other medical staff, from the Rose Medical Centre, part of the US Colorado Hospital system, try to emulate UFO surgery on animal tissue with sophisticated laser surgery equipment.

In the book “Alien Harvest”, author Linda Moulton Howe presents other evidence, such as electron microscopy, and other fine-detail examination, which amply demonstrate that UFO surgery can sometimes be performed with NO damage to cell walls of the tissue, either being excised or that remaining after the excisions.

Should this type UFO activity become more common place in Australia, and particularly in South Australia, related to possible fabrication of deadly life-threatening nuclear weapons, from SA uranium mines, then we shall not be surprised.

UFOSA tried to warn them.

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