Linda Moulton Howe Interview Review

Monday 8 March 2010

This is a UFOSA review of the interview of Ms. Linda Moulton Howe (LMH) by BinnallOfAmerica on the subject of UFO’s and her research and work to increase public knowledge of the UFO phenomenon.

We found the interview to be entertaining and interesting.

The MP3 audio recording files for this interview are located at

BINNALL of America
Season III
in the topic
7.9.8 : Linda Moulton Howe

It contains hyperlinks to
MP3A 1 hour 19 minutes (Full Show)
or two parts as
MP3A 42 minutes
MP3B 37 minutes

However, we object to certain items that are too far out-of-line with our own discoveries and actual experiences in the domain of UFO’s.


LMH disclaims “the Paranormal” as having anything to do with UFO’s. The same was said of “Esoterica”. Our experience has been that the best UFO Understanding and Encounters have happened in those places, where The Psychic or “Paranormal” is encountered and utilised as fully and as accurately as possible.

This is probably because UFO Beings are operating within and across dimensions or realities that do not conform or obey human constructed laws, the areas which would not be considered humanly “normal” by any reasonable interpretation.

For example : UFO Beings can place people in a trance-like condition, at a near or far distance, that indicates a natural enhanced psychic ability, clearly within the domain of the paranormal.

This is psychic paranormal, neurological paranormal : beyond the “normal”.

Or UFO Beings can cause a person to exhibit exposure to time warping, such as a full grown male person having shown hairy beard growth that would normally have happened over the period of several days within a few hours.

This is paranormal : beyond the “normal”.

Or as Linda points out, “battery belts” of camera crew would quickly drained of their charge within a UFO visitation area with no obvious observable cause.

This again is paranormal, beyond the “normal”. And think of the consequences to the electrical system within an aircraft or rocket or satellite or “high tech” war machine in the same virtual paranormal situation.

For more on Time Space factors in UFO appearances, perhaps visit the website that includes some of the absolute genius work by Joan Hope and titled

UFOs, The Universe and the Time Travellers.

(Joan Hope was a member of MENSA, the high IQ fraternity, and rated an IQ of 152 in 1949. Or read about Uri Geller’s amazing ability to progress or regress the sprouting of seeds.)


LMH insists on the existence of EBE’s (“Extraterrestrial Biological Entities”) which implies humanoid or physical-type life forms that could be captured, controlled, DISSECTED or in otherways dealt with by a human military, government or religion.

As we know it, UFO Beings are so far beyond the human and Earth physical life forms that there is no conceivable human control over Them in any way.

This is primarily based on the ability of UFO Beings to switch from one Dimensional Setting (Three dimensions of Length, Width and Height, combined with Time) to another DIMSET, such as the Earth Universe physical DIMSET, which has been explicitly demonstrated to some of us, similar to how some psychic mediums can “materialise” a seemingly solid object from where there was none previously in an Earth DIMSET, or to be transferred from one DIMSET locale to another, with no apparent path of travel.

Or UFO Intelligences can move back and forth in Time, or conditions that affect the Future or reflect and contain the Past. An example : an Intelligence could enter some energy domain that would directly relate to, or cause, the some event by as much as several decades, to accurately set in motion long-term Cause and Effect, so that the event or portions of the event would definitely happen.

Shoot Downs:

There have been none that we know of or have been cited in any public way for long-term extended scrutiny. UFO’s fly high, wide and completely outside the cave domain of humans. Also, UFO’s often try to avoid conflicts with a human military for it often ends in disaster for the latter.

Physical Real World:

Nothing could be further from the Truth. UFO Beings are other-dimensional multi-dimensional and can probably manipulate matter related to any domain to their purposes, quite separate from any “Physical Real World” or limitations thereof.

Nuclear New Mexico:

Linda reveals plenty in this interview with reference to New Mexico, but the sensitive subject of nuclear weapons, of which there are probably plenty in New Mexico, is almost untouched. It would be quite embarassing to any Government agency to admit that UFO’s come and go with complete freedom, in human nuclear areas, where a human Government has actively created and stockpiled large quantities of Terrorist Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Positive Points:

Linda goes bravely out of her way, like Joan of Arc, to give sharp snippets portraying those above and behind the UFO Cover Up, as being active contributors to “The Big Lie”, very similar to how human elites have also formed conceptions about Communism into another “Big Lie” or the most massive lie : the need to have an entire large national economy to have TRILLIONS of its money dedicated to so-called”national defence” which is NOT “defence” at all, and is more a devil structure used for invading others’ territories, especially to gain economic or resource advantage, as in the case of Middle East Oil.

OUR Rating:

We give LMH’s interview a score of three stars out of five, mostly based on the long length (almost 1.5 hours) and shocking alarming statements that come much closer to “The Truth” than complacent soothsayer statements given in other BOA interviews by UFO “experts”, such as that conducted with Jaques Vallee on the same Binnall Of America program.

We heartily recommend the BOA website:

www.binnallofamerica.com : BinnallOfAmerica

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