End of 2008 Review

Monday 8 March 2010

There were several local reports but no activity relating to

  1. Abductions
  2. Missing or downed aircraft
  3. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (fully apparent Beings)

Most activity was

  1. Internet users posting reports of sightings on this web blog
  2. Email messages and attachments of photos
  3. A very few informal casual meetings attended by less than a dozen people but importantly by trained private investigators
  4. Phone reports
  5. Maintaining this web blog

Our most significant report, relayed by phone from Bordertown in South Australia in February 2008 had these features :

  • a very visible UFO white light at night approached a large plane heading towards Melbourne (UFO’s deliberately light up at night to draw attention to themselves)
  • the UFO was silent compared to the plane’s engines
  • the lighted object came so close to the plane that, if the plane was carrying 0bservant passengers, those onboard would have fully and clearly seen the UFO
  • the UFO traveled alongside the plane for a few moments and then veered off into upper space
  • the person who phoned the report said the UFO was so obvious that it would probably be reported or talked about after landing
  • however, no mention was made of the incident in the news media
  • the reporter seemed intelligent, collective, sober and sane

The categories of UFO reports for 2009 were

  • Small star-like point light sources at night, sometimes flying quite quick, a few groups
  • Tales of previous UFO sightings so significant that People recounted their experiences with plenty detail, even decades down the track, but mostly from a city street or highway automotive perspective.

Email and Blog activity contained

  • Junk or diversionary mail and comments from sites that were listed as coming from the domain “.ru” which is Russia.
  • Minor junk mail, compared to the previous mentioned mob.

Media activity had

  • Monitoring and feedback given to ABC and 5AA regarding talks by respected authorities such as David Reneke.

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