Crab Claws Alienation Report

Monday 8 March 2010

UFOSA received this letter from “the Alien Invisible Man”.

It portrays what many UFO contacts and witnesses feel while being “out on a limb” in the region of Outer Limits.

"a man feels invisible"

"a man feels invisible"

After personal contact with extraterrestrials a human being will eventually feel physically different. In this case nippers for hands coming through from subconcious suppression.

I am waking up in pain every morning. Lobster claws. My hands are turning into lobster claws – they are bent hard against my wrists. Numb and frozen. And when they start to thaw out I am in agony. I have to run hot water over my hands for 30 minutes to regain some feeling. My ‘claws’ don’t feel cold but paralysed. I am like Franz Kafka’s cockroach but I expect a prawn eye to look at me from my hand. Crabby.

I am the Invisible Man. No one knows about me. No one cares about me. I am alien. I am an alien. Because people don’t believe in aliens. They, ‘we’ – don’t exist. We are invisible. ‘We’ don’t count.

I talk to the sons of god via a Parker Brothers Magic Talking Board otherwise known as a ouija board. The ‘voices’ make me want to contact people who are like me – people who are the ‘only ones’ who’ve seen a UFO, the only ones in town who’ve contact with an extraterrestrial life force.

The only ones who’ve been experimented on in a spacecraft so that in time they, as earthlings – turn into aliens.


If You are alienated by xenophobic human society and feel like a crab or lobster, please keep in mind that the Crab Nebula, a supernova or exploding star, can be one of the most pretty spots in the Heavens.

Crab Nebula

Crab Nebula

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