End of 2009 Review

Friday 8 January 2010

The past year has slightly active at UFOSA.

There were several dozen reports from far and wide (e.g. Sydney) but no definite activity relating to

  1. Abductions
  2. Missing or downed aircraft
  3. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (fully apparent Beings)

Most activity was

  1. Internet users posting reports of sightings on this web blog
  2. Email messages and attachments of photos
  3. A small bit of paper mail
  4. A very few informal casual meetings attended by less than a dozen people but importantly by trained private investigators
  5. Phone reports
  6. Submission to authorities regarding extreme DANGER of continuing to enter the nuclear zone (UFO’s oppose nuclear destruction via uranium mining, unhealthy use of human technology)
  7. Sympathy extended to family of Colin Norris and AIFSR for Colin’s departure on 13 July 2009
  8. Maintaining this web blog and email exchange

The categories of UFO reports for 2009 were

  • Small star-like point light sources at night, sometimes flying quite quick, a few groups
  • Photos of what seemed to be strange UFO type objects in the desert bush taken from light aircraft
  • Photos and films that were usually indistinct or classic “only on film” paranormal shots (an image of an object that is only visible to the camera)
  • Tales of previous UFO’s so significant that People recounted their experiences with amazing detail, even decades down the track.

Email and Blog activity contained

  • More junk or diversionary mail and comments from internet sites coming from the domain “.ru” which is Russia.

Media activity had

  • Some interaction that seemed to be from local media People such as Leon Byner and Tony Pilkington of Radio 5AA 1395 AM band
  • Less interaction with SA FM because they insisted on using autoMobile phones (microwave phones) rather than standard landline phones or personal visits
  • No response from Radio Adelaide 5UV especially regarding their midnight Tuesday Phenomena hour
  • Monitoring and feedback given to ABC and 5AA regarding talks by noted UFO talkers such as David Reneke.
  • Contact with other UFO or ex-UFO associates such as Paranormal Adelaide Investigators.

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